Hair Removal Device

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Relax your body and Remove Unwanted Hair Painlessly From Your Comfort Home. This Technology is Applicable for All Body Parts. Our IPL Laser Depilator is One of our Top sellers and most loved products. It is Convenient and Durable.


This product needs to be used continuously for Some weeks to get the desired result. Please shave before using it. During the process, the hair will continue to grow BUT they will be thinner and softer.


  1. Applicable : 110~240V working voltage
  2. 700000 Flashes for longer use time
  3. LED Light: Clearly shows Energy Level
  4. 3.9 Square CM: Fast and Big Treatment Area
  5. Painless: Five Adjustable optimal energy level 
  6. Skin Detection Ability: Numbers on LCD Display blinks when it is ready to work
  7. Permanent: IPL works inside pores, destroys hair papilla, for permanent removal
  8. Long Life: It uses Quartz Lamp with longer life for hair removal
  9. Zero Consumables
  10. Safe: No influence on normal sweat and sebum secretion
  11. Convenient: Smaller in size and Portable

Color of the Lens for Hair Removal Lamp may be different.

Operation Interval Tips

  1. Use twice a week at the beginning.

  2. When the hair stops growing or some fine hair grows, use at least Once every month to maintain

  3. The use frequency may different according to the different individual situation

  4. Change operation times according to the actual hair density.

Package Contains

  1. IPL Hair Remover x 1 PC

  2. Photorejuvenation Lamp (Glass Type) X 1 PC

  3. Adaptor x 1 PC

  4. Three-in-one plug set X 1 PC

  5. Manual x 1 PC

  6. Safety Glasses X 1PC

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